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Hearing Aid Cleaning Brush with Magnet

Hearing Aid Cleaning Brush with Magnet

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About this item

  • Efficient Cleaning: Clear Choice Products 12-Pack of Cleaning Brushes is explicitly designed for RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing instruments. These brushes are highly effective in gently removing wax and skin debris, ensuring your hearing aids remain clean and functional.
  • Battery Handling Convenience: These brushes feature a magnet design, allowing you to easily remove and insert hearing aid batteries. This added convenience saves you time and frustration when changing your hearing device's batteries.
  • Soft EVA Material For Longevity: Our hearing aid cleaning brushes are crafted from soft EVA material and are gentle on your devices, preventing scratches or damage. This thoughtful design also prolongs the lifespan of your hearing aids, providing you with reliable service for an extended period.
  • Ample Quantity: Enjoy the convenience of having 12 cleaning brushes in one pack. This sufficient quantity ensures you'll have it wherever you go. Whether it's in your office, car, on your table, or even in your change purse, you'll always be prepared.
  • Versatile Application: These brushes are designed for hearing aids but can also be used for cleaning other small electronic devices, such as earbuds, headphones, or even intricate jewelry. Their versatility makes them a handy addition to your daily essentials.
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